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Reunion in Paradise by Adulation
Reunion in Paradise
Shemei seemed pleased that a sailback was backing down to her threat however that small amount of pride would have to wait as she heard a call she'd been listening for so closely. Giving a search call back she'd start approaching at a more sedate pace. With such a obvious call her son could only be safe and out of harms way. He was young in the head but not a utter fool. He knew better then to make himself obvious near a sailback if it was hostile. Hearing a responding shriek she'd rumble off another call, each response warming her and causing her to relax and calm down. Normally she wasn't always so over reactive but they were unfamiliar with this land, and she'd remain overly cautious until she got them a territory established.

Sheiemi gave the sailback a snort of irritation, then perked and picked up the pace towards the tiny shrieks while rumbling her own calls to him. She was definitely glad her mother was visibly calming down, though her alert was still high as she knew that there were at least two dangerous creatures hanging around the area.

 Spinosaur snorted as the rexes came closer, and once they were in view she gave a warning growl, but circled back and kept her distance, seeing that the little one seemed to know the two that approached. Hopefully they were friendly, and she no longer needed to worry about the young nuisance terrorizing her friends. "It's about time someone came and fetched you," she said to him after the two females had had enough time to reach him. "You've been eating all the crabs! Can't be healthy for you. You're meant to eat meat. Leave the fish and crabs to me."

Ramlairi the youngling just gerked and swayed a bit before having the decency to act sheepish towards the sailback, skittering up to his mother and hiding at her side, rumbling out an apologetic. "My bad." However he wouldn't have much more time to contemplate because already his mother had nipped his snout and bumped his head with her muzzle in reprimand. He knew he should have snuck back home before the sun rose but well, chasing those crabs had just been too entertaining to head back.
Apari continued to watch them, it seemed as if all was ending well, and there wasn't any need for him to step in. Letting out a soft sigh, if anything he was glad for them, perhaps his perception of the sailbacks isn't so bad. Maybe they're not all the big bad things they've been cracked up to be, at least some of them anyway. Watching the group for a while longer, taking in some scent on the wind, and before he could even think to move, let alone leave. Scents hit him, ones that stirred up memories from the past, ones he'd recognize anywhere, and had remembered well. What.... couldn't... Shemei? He stared, frozen to the ground.

Shemei did indeed lecture her wayward son before doing all she could to assure he was alright. When she was satisfied the broken jawed mother would nudge him over to his sister to let her deal with him next before she'd lift her large skull and nod in thanks to the sailback. For starters she hadn't killed or consumed her child which was a plus, for second she'd been willing to protect him, brownie points for you miss sailback. Turning she'd begin to head back to her children when, suddenly, she caught sight of the large male standing none to far away and froze up herself. Taking in that familiar shock of blue feathers on black she'd simply stare before letting out a almost musical call, switching form one foot to the next in excitement. No way, no way had she finally, finally found him. Her luck was just NOT that good.

Sheiemi wasn't one for punishing, so she just nosed Ram's head and chirped quietly. As she rose back to full height--she was a big rex!--she followed her mother's gaze in curiosity. Ah, the other threat she could smell was in sight now, seemed excited about him? Why was that?

Spinosaur's job now done, the female gave a farewell call to her new 'friend' and what seemed to be his family, shaking a bit before she turned to leave. The male caught her attention, but as he seemed caught up in the other rexes, she let him be. If he found his way to her, she'd chase him off. Until then, she needed rest, and after she'd check on her crabs, and hope her favorites were still present. He better not have eaten Little Timmy!

Ramlairi stood near his sister and watched in confusion as there mother practically exuded excitement at the sight of the strange male. Which made him curious, did Ma know this guy? was he a threat? well obviously not if she was practically dancing just from seeing him. Which left him really wondering who he was.

Apari stared in absolute shock, he couldn't help but stare, it had to be her, it just had to be! But could he be dreaming? Was this all a hallucination thought up in his mind? Seeing her dance, and even call toward him, yes, that did indeed sound like her voice, his feathers and body shook. Releasing the breath that he didn't realize he had held for so long, and finally he made the move to walk forward, to walk toward her. His pace not fast, but not slow either, jaws unlatching to release a return call in her direction. Was she real?! He had to know.

Shemei let out another musical call and when he began to approach a simple croak to her son was given to have him stay put before she moved forward, tossing her head in a jovial manner as she did, far too happy to see the male to even form more then simple calls and trills right now. Perhaps after she assured it was him, that this was her Apa, and maybe then she could speak.

Ramlairi watched his mothers rather unorthodox behavior and had to cock his head this way and that, how on earth did she know this strange male. Just why was she so happy?! She'd never greeted any other male they'd encountered so jovially. Albeit that was usually for his protection, but even males who had been only to happy to be friendly to them both had been turned down, simply acknowledged as companions. So what made this guy so different? Was this the Apari Ma always talked about?

Apari's ears where full of the wonderful musical calls that he remembered so well, he'd memorized her voice, her scent, and those memories came rushing back to him full force. The closer he got the more that he could see, that this wasn't an illusion, this was the real thing. This was really Shemei! Jaws releasing another call to her as he picked up the pace, until he had reached her. Coming to a stop a mere five feet from her, he could see she'd been through some hard times. While he had only reached full height while she'd been missing, he'd been young when they met, but now he was fully grown. Emitting soft calls to her, almost as if he was trying to sing back.

Shemei let out a rumbling call in response and crooked jaw be damned she sang for what she was worth, practically dancing the last few feet to come to a halt, looking on at the wonderful, grown male her Apa had become. She herself was now grown, but years had done her little service. She was underweight, if only slightly, and of course the most glaringly obvious was that crooked lower jaw whose teeth stuck out over her upper lip. She cooed in response to his attempts at singing, closing the distance between them without hesitation to rub her snout along his muzzle, crooning.

 Ramlairi blanched and tilted his head sharply, letting out a small, confused sound. Okay that was definitely NOT how his mother had ever greeted any male he'd ever met. Ever. The only one she ever reacted that fondly too was a memory. A long lost and probably dead male that fathered he and his sister. There's no way these were the same male... right? Not after that big mess ma had barely saved him and sis from... right?

 Apari could clearly see that the years had not been kind to her. Her jaw was crooked, she was underweight, and possibly a little rough for wear. Though he too could see that she had grown, but despite that, she was still alive, after all these years. Warmth spread through him when she moved to rub her muzzle against his own, and he returned it, stepping closer. His little arms tucked close while his eyes closed and he began a loud rumbling purr. " It's really you.. " he finally spoke. She was real.

 Shemei was indeed real, and she enforced the notion by rubbing against him, nuzzling against his neck and purring in return, eyes closed and body lax. "It's you. It's you." Her speech was a bit off, but her jaw definitely explained why, and despite being slightly slurred her voice was still hers and hers alone. "Found you, we finally found you."

 Ramlairi was still a very confused creature and despite mum's order to stay put the runt couldn't help but begin to move forwards, even if only a little. He wanted a better look at this guy to see if he fit the mental image his mothers stories had created in his mind. She certainly seemed to recognize him as this mystery father she'd told him of. Was their luck maybe finally changing for the better?

Apari crooned and purred while they nuzzled and got acquainted with their scents again. " I looked, and waited for you... I feared the worst... I had to come here.. " He said, and it was here he'd waited, and kept to himself most of the time. Done his best to anyway. Where it not for Harme. Then he blinked a little, looking to her, feeling her relax, and he continued his purring. " We? " He asked, before looking around before his eyes landed on the little guy. " Who's this with you? " He questioned, curious.

Shemei purred and nuzzled at him one more time before turning and spotting her son. Giving a low croon she'd bump his muzzle with her snout. "When the beasts came.. I could only save two." Turning she'd move back to the smaller rex, nuzzling him. "Daughter is grown, beautiful girl." She'd then lift her head, one leg being used to instinctually block Ram from full view. "Son is small... will remain small. He's half size. But... but I saved them. Saved them both. Ours... our hearts. Our little ones." She'd shift her weight in a nervous motion. By rights Ramla was an adult at almost six years old, but his body and mind were still adolescent at best. Would instinct have her Apapa chase there son away on their first meeting. No. No Apa or not she would not tolerate that. Not to her small heart. "This is our son. Our youngest. This is Ramlairi."

Ramlairi stood as his mother approached and returned her gentle nuzzle before he'd tensed as he listened onwards. Apari. This male was the infamous Apari, and his father. That was a bit much, even if he'd long hoped to met the enigma that was his long last dad. Now though he shared his mothers nervousness, sticking close to her leg, nuzzling at her knee and pressing into it with his side.

 Apari purred back to her while she nuzzled at him and he in return would also try to return her nuzzle as best he could. Opening his eyes then to look at her and watch her, listening to her speak. His heart sank when he heard her words, only two had been saved... two? Two of their.. their chicks.. yes he remembered them. Shifting his weight to better get a look of the two while also stepping back, glancing down to the boy she had mentioned. His little son? His son had to have been fully grown as well but, he felt no need to chase the boy away. " Two... you saved them.. I.. " it was hard to see the chicks he'd been attached to grow up, it made him wish those titans had never caused such destruction! >>

Apari If only they hadn't come! So many lives wouldn't have been ruined. Shem wouldn't look like this... and I would... I would have been there to protect them... to see them grow up. He didn't know what to do, and so instead, he nuzzled at her muzzle. Then glanced to his tiny son. " Hello Ramlairi. "

Shemei watched as Apari seemed to wrestle with emotions, her heart going out to him. She had already had to struggle with the same. Two, only two. How could she have saved only two? However she had moved on. She had done all she could and it had been her best. She no longer let it hurt her so. Now she watched him closely, though her heart went to him she wouldn't tolerate a loss of one more child. However it seems her worries were not warranted as, once more, Apari proved himself her ideal male, greeting their little son warmly after giving her yet another nuzzle which she happily returned, purring.

Ramlairi watched the larger male closely, still tensed, but when he was greeted he was left a bit, well surprised. He honestly didn't know how to respond. 'Hi dad, sorry you pretty much thought me and ma were dead for so many years, but hey! We're alive!' Somehow that didn't seem quite so appropriate and he himself was just, stunned. Ever so slowly he'd step away from his dear mother and would carefully, assuredly, step towards his father before reaching his head p to sniff at him, maybe even nuzzle him if he'd lean down. Words failed him right now, so.. maybe actions could say the simple 'Hi daddy' he rather desperately wished he could have said as a youngling.

Apari wrestled with emotions alright, and he couldn't even tell which one was winning, but if a tyrannosaur could cry, he would be doing that right now. Letting out soft sad sounds, like a soft grunt, his little arms slack. However, he soon ceased that when Shem nuzzled him, and he sighed, relaxing. Her scent was comforting to him and helped relax him. Nuzzling her in return, and so did his purring return as well. Pulling back from her if only to look down at his little son again, he couldn't imagine what the boy must be feeling, and so when he wandered up and nuzzled him, he returned the nuzzle. " I'm so happy, you and the young ones survived.. I thought you where all gone. "

Shemei watched on, pleased as punch to see her two boys interacting. It was of course a bit awkward for each, more then likely neither having any idea what to do. Well maybe Apari knew, after all he thought them all dead. It was likely he'd sired another family and met another female. That thought hurt her heart still, even if she knew it was a natural process. Shaking her head and stepping over to join the nuzzling she'd let it leave her mind. What has been is already past. No need to dwell on it, she'd long since learned this harsh lesson. "Still here, we're still here. And so happy you're here too."

Ramlairi enjoyed the affection given him and he soon let out a croaky croon of his own before pressing into his fathers side. A father. He had a father now. And he wasn't some dream, or imagination or moms stories. Apari was flesh and blood and bone and warm and he was there. It had the half size nearly singing.

Apari did unfortunately have others out there that carried his genes, but it had not been a willing thing for him, and the female had left him after the chicks had grown. Leaving him lonely, and thinking of Shemei, but there wasn't a day that went by that he didn't think about her, and daydreaming of the days that could have been. It was why he secluded himself from other females, no matter how pretty, or how much they attempted to get his attention. He was a male in his prime now, and most females tend to look for that, and now he had the experience to back it up as well. He felt them cuddle close to him, his son leaning against him on one side, and Shemei on the other, he purred and nuzzled them as best he could. " This place, this place is a paradise..I know you'll love it here. Both of you. "

Shemei cooed and purred as she nuzzled against him, butting her head against his. "Here is nice, we've eaten well here. Good place to be." She'd nuzzle him again before, as she used to, she'd snag hold of his snout in her aws in a gentle bite, purring through her traditional love nom.

Ramlairi reacted with a bit of surprise. He'd never seen ma do that before! A bit unsure of how to handle what seemed to be his mother eating his now known dads face he back up a few feet and tilted his head as he took in the odd scene. Grown ups were weird.

Apari his eyes widened when he suddenly found his large face in the jaws of an equally large Shemei. " Gerk! " He suddenly replied to her words the best he could, though this never failed to catch him off guard! He could never forget those love noms, and now he was grateful to have them again. " Foundaplacetostayyet? " He'd ask kind of muffled. Poor Ram, yes, adults are weird!

--------------------------------------   -   ------------------------------- -           -------------------------------------------------------------

Apari and Shemei reunite after 6+ years of separation; right on the banks of Arazoa!

this is based off the Rp scene that happened in the dream!

If you're interested in Dinosaur Rp; drop on by and visit us in Furcadia!

Here' our forum! -

and our RPR -…

Come on by! We don't bite!

- Rea

Shemei (C) Her player
Apari and art are (C) MINE
Secret Nights by Adulation
Secret Nights
Ramlairi had started slightly at her fearful reaction but calmed when she did. Approaching a bit further he'd cock his head form side to side before issuing offa soft purr, maybe that'd help calm her nerves? "It was pretty scary but also sorta fun." Sitting down near her he'd look up at her crested head before looking to her flanks. "Did the falling rocks make those? Are you sure you'er okay miss?"

Canicus's walking pace increased when he picked up fresh smells of blood and healing wounds, and the scent that came along with it. Pass was nearby, and he'd go through any thicket to find her and be sure she was alright. Especially after that earth shake up, hearing voices as he got nearer. He stepped through the brushes and between trees; seeing what looked like a little blue and gray colored rex, and then there was Pass. This was the first time he was getting to see the marks left behind by her brother, the one he finally knew about. " Hey guys. " He greeted.

Passion glanced to her flanks. "Oh." She smiled as best she could to the little one. "Someone just got mad at me. I'm alright." She appreciated the little purrs, they were cute and helped her forget her fear and troubles. She was settling down when a larger set footsteps brought her head jolting up and around to stare at the approaching rex. She calmed when she saw Canicus, but then was on her feet after her brain was Canicus! She was on her feet in a second, and almost tackled him. She couldn't help it, she was happy to see him!

Canicus was about to ask who her friend was when the little guy took off, he hoped he didn't scare him off! Though there was something interesting about the other's scent. However, he had no time to even utter much else when his personal space was invaded by a very excited Pass. If she did tackle him he'd probably topple right over in shock, blink a bit and then stare up at her. If she didn't he'd be staring down at her in wide eyed shock, he didn't expect that. " Hey. Are you alright? I could smell the blood and.. the earthquake.. " he muttered, he'd been worried!

Passion stared down at Canicus. "I...whoops. Sorry. I didn't mean to- Here, lemme just- " She scrambled off of him, head bowed in embarrassment. "Sorry..." she mumbled. However, she couldn't hold back her little giddy feelings and she scooted back over towards him, just in time to hear him mumble. She looked over at him, head tilted. "I'm fine, I just got a little scared by the earthquake and reopened my wounds." She scooted to press against him, "Thanks for worrying." She sat in silence for a second before sighing, "I hid up in the mountains last night. What you asked me last night...I've been trying to get away for a long time..." She glanced up at him before nuzzling against his feathers, "You're the only one who's ever cared before..."

Canicus was so shocked at being tumbled over, he had laid there in shock for a moment, but, once she was off him, he could roll to get back up. " It's ok, I've never been tackled by a girl before. " It was kind of embarrassing really! Shifting to sit on the ground now, feeling her lean against him, he didn't mind, and she was warm. " Hopefully it'll be all the shaking we get for a while. " He said with a sigh, she was quite close. Even feeling her snuggle up against his feathers. This is the first time some girl cuddled up to him that wasn't his sister, and his eyes flickered down to her at her words. " Yeah? What will you do then? " She sounded like she wanted to be free now, and.. did he just feel a nuzzle? Immediately he gave out some rumbling purring, trying to soothe her. " You haven't tried to get away and get help before? "


Just a little scene to a Rp that happened in Arazoa.

Dinosaur Rp has picked up quite a lot, and it's good to be back!

Come and join us in the dream!
Rp a dinosaur!

we don't bite promise!

Passion (C) Her player
Canicus and Art are (C) MINE
Carnotaurus vs YDCH by Adulation
Carnotaurus vs YDCH
Want a picture of your dinosaur character about to fight a Carnotaurus?  -- then you can!

but only if you contact me!

This picture will be either fully back grounded or blank -- it all depends on the option of the buyer.

$15 for this blank background  / $ 20 for back ground colored

 - Rea

Arazoa's New Skin by Adulation
Arazoa's New Skin
This skin was made by :iconthatdangcat:! Who does amazing digital and pixel work! Go and commission them!!!  :D

Anyway, this is the new dream skin for Arazoa; and is only to be seen there in Arazoa on Furcadia! Dinosaur Rp has returned and is doing quite well! We've gained new faces and lots of activity!  Players in Furcadia who might be seeking something new are welcome to come and join us!

People often ask how hard dinosaur Rp is; and it's no different from Rping Wolves and Lions; except for the fact that your animal is 20 times its size and looks different!

Interested in visiting us? Come to us at (Please note you need Furcadia to work this link) : furc://arazoa:dinosaurrpnewskin

Take a look at our Forum!! -

Don't know what Furcadia is?:

We hope you come and join us and Rp some dinosaurs soon! :D

- Rea
Tripping in the crystal cave by Adulation
Tripping in the crystal cave
A digital portrait for a friend's dinosaur character; a tyrannosaurus rex named Thousand!
This was a commission!

If you want a reference/commission from me of your dinosaur character for the Furcadia; Arazoa dream; contact me!!
I do raptors, t-rexes, and spinosaurs!

Commissions are $10 paypal! (Port/blank ref) or $25 paypal (port/ ref with a background!)

Thank you!!!

- Rea
Happy Dinosaur week to everyone out there!!

This week has been speical in all things Dinosaur as the gearing up for Jurassic World comes to theaters! Finally! I've been waiting so long since it's announcement that it was coming!

I got to tell you the movie looks amazing and it will be awesome to see dinosaurs on the big screen again!! I'm totally hyped and i'm totally excited!!

Starting off with a bang this weekend is revealing that the Furcadian Dinosaur Rp dream - Arazoa is BACK IN BUSINESS!

After addressing some money issues, and some other issues as well, the dream has been returned to Furcadia's A.I island, where it situatates near the feral dreams! We've got a welcome back to many of the people who have been waiting for us!

Welcome back to Arazoa! Welcome back to Dinosaurs! We hope you enjoy the dream and all there is to offer!


Happy Role-Playing people!


On another Rping note; if any of you are fans of Fairy Tail; and love to Rp; consider joinging some Rp forums!




We definitely need more people and activity!! Thank you for taking the time to see us!
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